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Optimize how you use your Mac with the help of this brilliant program


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Dr. Cleaner is a highly useful program to help you optimize your Mac and ensure it's running perfectly at all times. If you have a Mac, you definitely need this program in your life.

With Dr. Cleaner you can carry out a series of tasks with the aim of keeping your computer running in peak condition at all times. You'll find shortcuts to each task in the menu, making the whole process extremely convenient. You can manage your machine's CPU and network use in real time, keep track of how much space is being taken up by junk files, and monitor how much of your memory is getting used. All it takes is one button to complete all these tasks.

Besides those quick tasks, Dr. Cleaner can carry out a more complete optimization of your computer, managing certain aspects from a more comprehensive perspective and providing detailed lists of large, duplicate, or junk files so you can handpick the ones you no longer want. You can also manage all the applications installed on your Mac.

Dr. Cleaner is, in short, a convenient and useful program that unifies into one interface several tools to boost the present and future status, use, and performance of your Mac.